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"Discover the dynamics of badminton at BAD'87! We are a lively club that shares the passion for badminton, open to everyone aged 18 and above. With us, it is not about top performance, but the pure fun of the game, although sometimes the competitive spirit can take over!
BAD'87 is distinguished by an informal, friendly atmosphere, where mutual harmony and respect are key. We do not have strict rules about court layout or composition, but rather encourage spontaneity and flexibility.
Our experienced players are always ready to guide newcomers, teaching them the intricacies of technique and tactics. Whether you are a beginner looking to discover the sport, or an advanced player looking to hone your skills, BAD'87 welcomes you with open arms. Step into the world of badminton with us and experience the excitement of the game!"

The feathers for shuttlecocks always come from the left wing of a goose. This causes the shuttle to rotate clockwise.
If feathers from the right wing or right and left wing are used, the shuttle will not turn properly.



Game night

The association consists of about 30 members.
Games are played on Friday evenings from 21.00 to 23.30 in sports hall 'De Sluis' on Kastanjestraat 2 in Nieuwegein.


The membership fee for 2022 is currently €60 per calendar year.
Please ensure that in March the membership fee is credited to postal giro NL58INGB0005141528 in the name of badminton club BAD'87, Nieuwegein.
3 free introductory evenings


Shuttles are supplied by us. If you do not have a racket on the introduction evening, you may use one from the club. When you decide to become a member, it is wise to buy your own racket. If you want advice, you can always contact one of us.


Guest players

If anyone is bringing guest(s) please let the board ( know in advance or directly to me with a notification. Guests are always welcome but well distributed over the playing evenings. Cost €5 pp

Dutch Cultural Sports Association

Bad'87 is affiliated to the Dutch Cultural Sports Federation (NCS). The basic package offered by the NCS to its members and associations is part of the basic membership fee.

If Badminton is a camping sport
Then I have holidays every week.


Always up-to-date news

"Johan Raves, a founding member of Bad'87, has been the enthusiastic editor of the Badpost for many years. In this newsletter, we share the latest facts about our club and Nieuwegein. Click on the Badpost on the right for the latest edition. Do you have a nice story for the Badpost? Send it to Johan and who knows, maybe your contribution will be posted!"

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Temporary membership freeze

Due to the large increase in the number of members, the capacity of the association with the current number of members has been reached.We want our members to have a certain

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Access system the Lock

This month, Nieuwegein municipality's indoor sports facilities will be switched to a new access system. From the moment a location is transferred, you cannot

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Guest players

It's getting cosier with us. So come and play . If anyone is bringing guest(s) please let the board ( know in advance if

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The fastest badminton smash in competition (male) is 426 km/h (264.70 mph) and was achieved by Mads Pieler Kolding (Denmark) in Bangalore, India, on 10 January 2017 .

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If you would like to take part, please come to the hall on Friday evening without any obligation
and we will explain things to you and challenge you to a fun game of badminton!


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